Logan’s New Report Card

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Logan went for his nine month check up today.  He has been suffering from a mild cold the past few days, so he was not in his happiest mood; but he behaved fine for the doctor.  His new grades are: weight at 51%, height at 92% and head circumference at 99%.  Hope Logan’s average body weight can continue to hold up his huge head =)

It was good that Logan had his appointment today so the doctor could listen to his chest.  Logan is having slight wheezing again.  According to the doctor, it is not uncommon to have some wheezing again from a cold after his bad RSV infection last month, and it should resolve in a few days.  Poor Logan has to receive inhalation treatment again as needed.

Besides dealing with the cold, Logan is also having teething issue.  His #5 and #6 are coming out.  His good sleeping nights have turned into some of his worst during the past 2 nights.  We are keeping our finger crossed for tonight.

Busy Stork !

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Two new baby Girls introduced themselves to the world yesterday:

Little KaseyWelcome Kasey (7lb 2 ounces, 20in),daughter of Dana and Scott.







Baby Goot

Welcome Baby "G2" (7lb 7 ounces 20.5in), daughter of Joanie and Mike.




Congrats to all !  We haven’t seen them yet, but hope to soon.  Bonnie may try to get a peek at both tomorrow, I think I have a cold so I probably will just have to enjoy the pictures for now.  Logan’s future-wife possibilities are growing.

Mommy’s bad ?

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    A few days ago, I left Logan sitting up on the changing table while I was grabbing something from his dresser.  I had my hand on him to block him from falling off the table, but unfortunately, he reached to the side to play and hit his head on the edge of the table.  A bump immediately formed by his eyebrow, and poor Logan screamed out for help.  He was ok after icing the ouchie, but I felt so bad to be the cause of Logan’s first bump. 

    Last night, I introduced Logan to his first fish meal.  He was not a huge fan, but he ate some.  After that I gave him some veggies and fruit.  He ended up having quite a big dinner.  Shortly afterward he had his usual bedtime bottle and went to sleep.  At midnight when both Stuart and I went to bed, Logan had a couple of coughs and made a small cry, but quickly returned to sleep.  He looked fine on the monitor, so we both just went to bed as usual.  When Logan finally woke us up at 6:30am, we found him laying on a mess of upchuck; it was all over his bedding, PJ, his hair and his Glowworm too.  He must have a projectile vomit at midnight when he made the noise.  But as a good sleeper he is nowadays, he just decided to continue to sleep through the night even though it was quite a mess.   Poor baby, he was probably trying to tell me not to give him fish again.

Logan’s New Tricks

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Logan had learned a couple new tricks this past weekend.  While we were shopping, he would wave to mommy when he saw me.  And we found him waving hello to Scottie on his own.  Logan also learned how to clap his hands together on demand.  It is fun singing “If you are happy and you know it” with him.  We hope that he will learn more new tricks soon to show off to his grandparents in April.

See some new photos of Logan in our album.

“What’s up with my ear?”

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Proof of Another Tooth!

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image As of last week, Logan’s upper teeth have made their appearance.  After a few days of crankiness, Logan is back to his happy self.  He also has learned to sleep through the night again.  Stuart and I have had several good nights of sleep now; Logan also seems more rested and happier.  Let’s hope that this phase will last well into his teens.

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