Successful Evening

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    We decided to take Logan in for another tryout class at the Little Gym yesterday.  We want to expose Logan to more new things, give him more opportunity to follow instruction, and for fitness too.  I gave him a kid protein bar during the drive to prep him.  Stuart decided to go in with Logan this time, so I just hung out with Connor at the nearby stores.  According to Stuart, Logan wanted daddy to go in the gym room with him, and they sat at the corner together to observe.  Logan seemed more energized (possibly from the snack) and enjoyed watching the other kids playing.  After 20 minutes, Logan agreed to join in the activities, and he was following the instruction just like the other kids.  Stuart left the gym room to observe through the window instead.  The class lasted an hour.  Five minutes before the end of the class, one kid started crying; by then, Logan realized that Stuart was no longer there at the corner, so he seemed very worried until he spotted daddy.  Stuart entered the room again, then Logan was relieved to finish the activities. 

     By the time they arrived home, Connor and I had already brought some dinner, and had a head start eating.  Stuart had called to give me the good report, so I was extra excited to see Logan when they came home.  First thing Logan told me was that he wanted ice cream after dinner.  Last week I had used ice cream as a bribe, and so I did keep my promise.  We had to rush through dinner and ice cream as it was past our usual dinner time and I had made plan for an outing last night.  The boys did not get to play much after eating as we had to rush them into the bath.  Neither of them liked the plan at all, so Connor started crying and kept saying “done” as soon as he got inside the bath.  Logan was also whiny about everything.  The bathtime was not pleasant, but to my advantage, it was short.  I read to Connor and got him to bed relatively quickly as he was cooperative, so I was able to leave the house while Stuart was still reading with Logan.

    Robyn, Michelle and I decided to do a girls night out after the kids had gone to bed, and we asked others to join us as well.  There were 7 of us meeting up at a restaurant at 8:45pm.  I was fortunate to find parking, but a couple of them had a very difficult time.  We all ordered a drink and started our chit-chatting.  We then ordered some appetizers, and later ended with some desserts to share.  It was very nice talking with everyone; by the time we were ready to leave, it was already past 11:30pm.  It has been a long time since I stayed out this late; it was midnight when I returned home.  Stuart and I caught up on our successful evening for awhile before we went to bed, so it was a late night for both of us.

18 Month Well Baby Visit

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       I was going to skip Connor’s 18th month doctor visit as he was seen twice in January, and I was hoping to avoid exposure to the hospital germs.  But the doctor told me via email that he should be seen plus he needed more vaccines.  So I finally took the 20th month old Connor in today for his Well baby visit.  We did not have to wait long at all before we were roomed.  Connor became nervous and was clinging to me, but he was cooperative during the measurement by the MA and imagethe physical exam by the doctor.  Everything checked out well.  The doctor said he is growing very well.  Connor was due for hepatitis A and DTaP boosters, so the nurse came right in to give the two injections to his thigh.  Connor did not like that but stopped crying relatively quickly.  He was also due for routine anemia and lead level blood tests, so we headed over to the laboratory.  The blood draw was tough.  Two nurses took turns trying to find his vein.  They put a tourniquet around Connor’s little arm, dapped for awhile, then moved on to the other arm.  Connor was already crying sadly before they made any poke; he kept crying out “MaMa” while I was holding him down.  They finally made a poke, then moved the needle around without any success.  So they had to return to the first arm and repeated the whole process.  I was so relieved when they finally made contact and collected the samples.  Poor Connor continued to sob for awhile until we left the laboratory. 

Here are the big boy’s stats:

Wt: 30lb 12oz (91 percentile)

Ht: 34.75 inches (91 percentile)

Bossy Brother

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     Logan just discovered recently that he can ask Connor to do things.  A few times when Logan is enjoying some dedicated mommy time and Connor starts coming over, he would say “Connor, go find Daddy”.  Poor Connor would of course follow what Logan told him to do and would walk away to find daddy.  When we were in the yard playing with some tennis balls, Logan tossed the balls and said “Connor, go get them”; Connor happily obeyed.  Tonight, the boys drank their milk while we read some books.  Connor finished and brought his cup to the kitchen as I instructed.  When Logan finished, he said “Connor, bring this to the kitchen”.  I had to interrupt this time and have Logan take care of his own chore.  Logan is getting smarter now, learning to use his little brother.  Poor Connor, this is probably just the beginning.imageimage

   The two of them play very well together nowadays.  Logan always calls Connor over to play hide and seek with him; they both now can hide together quietly in a corner for a long time until we go find them.  They play the trains and cars together; I just stare at them running their trains on the tracks over and over again.  They enjoy bathing with each other; one of them will start a game, and the other will follow.  They like to put their washcloth on their heads or chests, and giggle at each other.  Or they like to each use a cup to pour water into the big ship until it is full.  Sometime they fight for the same toy; Logan tries to ask for it nicely, but Connor often shakes his head so hard to deny.  Ultimately he will give in and give it to Logan.  Today when Logan and one of the neighbors kids were running and playing pretend shooting in the yard, Connor kept running after them.  So the big boys ended up teaming up and chasing Connor instead, and Connor was having a blast while running away.  At Ashlyn’s birthday party, Logan was unusually active, crawling through any tunnels/spaces and walking on a balance plank.  Connor was not interested in them until he saw Logan do it, then he hurried and copied everything big brother was doing. 

A Busy Day

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     We had a packed day today.  We went to the library in the morning to exchange some books; the boys always enjoyed their visit there.  Logan would spend sometime on the computer before he moved on to books.  Connor played with some puzzles and just enjoyed walking around.  We picked up lunch to eat at home, then we had to put the boys down for a nap a bit earlier than usual as I had to attend a memorial service.  It was a touching service, and I was there for a little over an hour.  When I returned home, the boys were up.  I played with Connor briefly, then it was time for Logan and I to head out for the first birthday party today.  It was his school friend’s Ryan party at the Whole Foods Culinary Center.  imageThey were to make their own pizza.  Logan enjoyed making the dough, but initially did not want any toppings on it until some convincing from me.  He hung out there with his friends while pizza being baked, but he was quite impatient and kept asking for his pizza.  He was finally happy when the food was ready, aimagend he ate the entire pizza that he made.  He said his thanks and we got ready to leave.  With the commotion of everyone leaving and I lost sight of Logan for 1/2 minute.  He walked away from where I told him to wait for me, but he returned to find me.  He made me panic, so we had a brief talk.  Then we drove over to the next birthday party, Ashlyn’s 2nd birthday at the Gymboree.

    Stuart brought Connor to meet up with us there.  Logan must have been warmed up from the pimagerevious party, he just jumped right in to start playing with the structures.  Connor of course copied what Logan did and started playing.  When the group activity started, Logan was not interested and continued to play on his own.  Connor on the other hand was intrigued and participated.  Ashlyn is familiar with that place, and lead to the group through several group activities.  All the kids had a blast joining in the fun.  We then took a break to have simageome food.  Logan had another slice of pizza for the day, then asked to return to play.  Connor had some pizza, pasta and lots of fruits.  We sang birthday songs to Ashlyn, and Connor was very excited to have the cake.  While we were still eating, Logan bonded with one of thimagee instructors, and she ended up watching Logan and Connor play for awhile.  The group activity resumed again, and Logan surprised us by joining part of it on his own.  Connor got scared by the clown that appeared at the last activity; he started sobbing while still keeping an eye on the clown.  The party adjoined at 7:30pm.  We said our thanks and good nights, then headed home to end the day.

Failed Attempt

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    The weekend morning classes for the kid gym are all full, so I decided to take Logan in for an introduction class today after work.  The Friday classes are smaller, so I was hoping that it would be less intimating for Logan.  I gave both boys a more substantial snack on the way from the daycare.  Stuart met us there at the gym, and we were there 15 minutes before the class started.  Both Logan and Connor were so excited, and were running around at the lobby.  But right at the start of the class, Logan did not want to go into the gym room until I offered to go in with him.  The place was very cute, colorful and padded, with several small-scale gym apparatus.  I was allowed to sit on the side, and Logan rather sat with me then joined the group.  There were only 7 other kids there with 2 teachers.  They started with circle time, then some dancing and jumping with music.  The teachers were good; they periodically checked in with Logan and invited him to join which he denied.  Logan did agree to run in, give a high five to the teacher once and return to my side.  They moved on to an inflatable jumping platform which seemed fun.  Once a teacher suggested carrying him over that Logan denied again.  They separated into two groups to do individual apparatuses.  Logan was watching everything with a smile, but kept refusing to join in when I asked.  I got tired of convincing him, so finally gave him an ultimatum that we would go home after he tried one thing.  My goal was to get him out there and maybe he would enjoy it.  He was still hesitanimaget with that offer.  The teacher asked him to walk a short distance again to give him another high five.  Logan eventually did it, and the teacher used that opportunity to ask Logan to do a swing on a high bar which Logan actually did it.  But when the teacher carried him over to another apparatus, Logan did not want to continue.  He returned to me and asked to go home.  I had to keep my promise and we left the place 35 minutes into the class. 

    I was preparing myself that Logan would not participate in this tryout class, but it was still disappointing and tiring afterward.  It was only a few minutes from home and it took another few minutes to warm up the dinner, but both kids were whiny by then, possibly from dinner being later than usual.  This whole evening turned out to be quite exhausting.  The teachers were trying to make me feel better that it is not uncommon for kids not wanting to participate initially.  They said some kids might take 2-3 classes before jumping in.  Will see if we have the energy to keep this up.

First Soccer Practice

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     One of Logan’s friends daddy decided to organize a weekly soccer practice for his son and friends.  They were the group Logan took the soccer lessons with a long time ago.  The dad wanted to try it out as he loves soccer and has the equipment.  He also wanted to do it as he felt that the lessons we took before had too much wait time in between plays which Stuart and I agreed as well.  For today, there were a total of 11 kids, all near Logan’s age, and it was held in a very nice park imageby their house.  The practice was just around 30 minutes, but it was full of drills with no messing around.  He started with a few warm up poses, then immediately did some drills with their soccer balls, some baby kicks, green lights/red lights, passing between buddies and passing to parents then to the goal.  I was sitting on the sideline with Connor who was contently sitting on me and watching.  imageLogan did not do the warm up initially but did participate in all the drills.  However he was probably the one who showed the least interest in following the instruction from the coach.  He would occasionally wonder toward me to say hi until Stuart brought him back into the game.  Logan also sometimes requested to hold hands with Stuart, but that was partly as he needed help to balance for a stand on the ball.  Overall all the kids seemed to have a great time, and the duration was brief enough for the kids’ attention span. 

     After that, we all had a picnic lunch on the lawn.  There was a a great playground structure at the park too, so as the kids filled up with foods, they all slowly migrated over.  Some of us were able to remain sitting to chitchat a bit longer.  Logan had fun playing with one of his friends, up and down the structure and hiding from the monsters.  Connor was getting stronger that he could climb up and down the structures all on his own most of the times.  After almost 3 hours at the park, we finally packed up to go home.  After 10 minutes of trying to keep Connor up during the drive, I finally gave up as he was just too tired.  Fortunately he continued to sleep after I moved him from the car to his crib.

     After this weekend, we felt that it is time to sign Logan up for some classes to give him more opportunities for physical activities and to work on following instructions.  We will see how it goes.

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