Proof of a Tooth

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El ToothoOn Logan’s fifth-month birthday, Bonnie identified the little nubbie coming through the bottom of Logan’s mouth as his first tooth!     When she mentioned this in passing to Koko (his daycare teacher) she expressed surprise that it had arrived so early.  However when I was picking him up that evening, Koko confirmed that she had indeed felt the tooth….I then politely asked her to stop sticking her fingers in my sons mouth. (j/k)

We think he’s being a pretty good boy about it so far.  He doesn’t seem to be complaining yet, but he is quite a drooly boy…not sure if that’s related.  We have some cooling chomper toys for whenever it does start to bug him.  Wonder when that will happen.  (Click on pic for greater detail)


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Baggage    Logan appears to have acclimated to the world of day care.  He (reportedly) doesn’t cry like he did the first couple of visits and according to his stats, he’s eating and sleeping quite well too.   The teachers at the daycare seem to genuinely like taking care of kids, so it makes us feel a lot better that he’s always with people that care about him.   Picking him up is the fun part (compared to dropping him off) as he gives us a smile when we catch his eye entering the room.  Bonnie has instructed me well on the tasks I need to do on pick-up…but I still seem to forget one of them anyways.  I haven’t left Logan behind I consider that successful.

   He’s also quite well behaved when we drive him home, which was one of my concerns.   I didn’t want to be in traffic with a screaming babe in the back, and no opportunity to reach back and help.  But none of that has happened yet.   He seems quite content to sit in his carseat and recover from his daycare adventure.  

   Bonnie has also returned to work.  I’m sure she enjoys seeing all her coworker/friends again and getting back into the swing of things, although she does have some extra tasks to do now (ie Drop Logan off, Milk Giver duties, Pick Logan up).   Bonnie is very happy (and I’m proud) that she’s been able to handle all these new tasks punctually.   These additionally duties, and with the dark coming so quickly now, the days just seem to be flying by.   Hopefully he doesn’t grow too quickly so we can enjoy these times.

It’s War

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Bonnie and I used to like pull out a board or card game every now and then, but since Logan arrived we haven’t played that much.  We are now trying to change that and get back in the swing of things again.  Memoir ’44 is one of our favorite games.  I like it because it’s War based strategy based on real events…Bonnie likes it because she usually beats me.
However, I’ve found a new opponent, (but I think he’s cheating)

Which card to play Pay attention Momma

Logan’s Fame

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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed..…but Logan has become an overnight sensation.  His pictures are showing up all over town!   I guess this part of his ongoing journey to male model greatness that started in his early weeks.

Here’s some snapshots of Logan’s posters out in the wild.  Let us know if you see others.

Logan's Gate Logan in the Mall

Logan goes to Daycare

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     Logan had his first day of Daycare today.  It was actually more of a trial run since he only stayed there for less than two hours, and Bonnie was hanging out nearby (and filling out paperwork). 

     Overall Logan behaved well.  He sat in a chair most of the time and just watched what was going on around him.  He did cry a bit during feeding time, not sure what that was about.  Maybe the bottle wasn’t warm enough, or maybe he isn’t used to being fed by someone other than Bonnie or myself.  In the end he seemed to prefer being bottle fed from his chair rather than being held…maybe it was because he got to sit next to mommy.

     His real first full day is planned for the 10th, but Bonnie plans on taking him in for a few more half-days to build him up to it (or maybe just to help prepare us for our little one not being around).

Kicking back babystyleLogan with new friends

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