Goodnight Kiss

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While we were giving kisses to Logan on his forehead/cheek to say goodnight, out of the blue, he leaned forward to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek.  He then did the same to daddy on demand.  He also had a smile on his face after giving the kisses.  It was such a sweet moment.  We had no idea that he had learned to do that.  Wonder if he has been practicing at school too?!?!

Another Report Card

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     Logan had his 15 month doctor visit yesterday.  He behaved very well during his check up.  He was nervous and sat very still while the doctor listened to his heart and lungs.  Everything checked out A-OK.  His stats are:

wt: 25lbs 11oz (with clothes and shoes on) (69 percentile)

ht: 2’ 8.6” (89 percentile)

head circumference: 19.7” (99 percentile)

After the visit, he also had to receive 3 shots.   Poor baby!

     Walking update:  Logan has been working on strengthening his legs lately.  While holding my hand for a walk last night, he squatted down attempting to pick up the balls on the ground.  He wanted both balls, therefore, for the first time, he let go of my hand, and grabbed one ball with each hand and slowly stood back up into the standing position for a couple of seconds before collapsing.  He was so proud that he did it.  Nowadays he is also able to walk a few steps without assistance.  Let’s see if he will walk on his own before he turns 15 months.

Our Little Toddler

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     Logan started the toddler’s room at daycare this week and has adjusted to it quite well.  He now has a much more set routine each day, i.e. mealtimes, outdoor play, music and story times, and afternoon nap.  The biggest adjustment he had to make was the two naps transition to one (12noon-2pm).  All 12 toddlers will eventually sleep on their individual mat on the ground next to each other.  The teachers were able to keep Logan occupied and awake until naptime almost every day this past week, and he also slept well on his mat.  He then enjoys all the activities in the afternoons and is still a very cheerful boy when I pick him after work.  The evenings are a bit tougher since he imagestarts getting very tired.  He has been quite fussy a few evenings, even being too tired to eat dinner one night.  An unexpected benefit to come from this new schedule has been the good nights sleep.  He has been sleeping until much later in the morning (6:30-7am) almost every day.  So all three of us are much more rested as a result.  We are trying to keep him on the same schedule this long weekend in hopes that he will get used to this new routine soon.  So far he has been doing well. 

     Logan had a good time at the block party on Sat.  He was showing off his ball tossing skill to our neighbors, and he got to play inside an air jumper again.  Sunday he had fun playing at Julie and Robert’s house and at their local park yesterday.  Logan was even quite gentle with Copter this time (we thought).  Today, we had another outing to IKEA where he pretty much tolerated being carried almost the whole time.  We came back and enjoyed a delicious fast food lunch =)

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