First Day of School

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     Our Kindergartener and our Preschooler started their first day of school today.  Connor got cold feet this morning, and started crying and did not want to put on his uniform. image He also kept asking to see one of his teachers at the old school Appleseed.  We finally managed to get Connor convinced and got everyone ready to go.  With a little more traffic than expected today, we arrived only right at the last minute before kindergarten class started.  I did not really have a chance to spend time with Logan before his teacher had him put away his backpack and sent him to sit down.  I snapped a picture, then Connor and I were on our way to his classroom.  Connor used all kinds of tactics to delay, but we made it to the classroom eventually.  He held on to me very tight and started whimpering when he thought I was leaving.  There was a kid who cried so loud while many other kids were happily playing.  I hung around for several minutes to show Connor different toys, then he wanted to use the bathroom.  I assisted him a bit but he managed to use the facility nicely.  A couple more minutes later I decided that it was time to depart; the teacher held on to Connor and he cried as expected while I said goodbye.

     Upon pick up at end of the day, Connor was happily drinking water at the fountain.  The teacher reported that Connor did good all day; he cooperated just like the rest of the new students too.  He used the restroom well as needed and ate his lunch too.  He proudly walked out of the classroom with me after saying goodbye to the teacher.  He was excited to pick up Logan who was in the cafeteria playing a game by himself.  Logan gave me a hug and we left altogether after cleaning up.  Logan also reported that he had a good day; he said he liked the teacher and he named a few friends who he played with again.  He also said he enjoyed going to the cafeteria to have lunch with everyone.  The only thing that I did not get a clear answer from him was whether he was able to go to restroom and put his uniform properly back by himself or not. 

    Overall a good day, and we hope it will continue tomorrow.



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      From not imageknowing how to swim a year ago to accomplishing a triathlon today, Dora did an amazing job.  She completed her first triathlon in good time and exceeded her own expectations.  She even had moments today where she really enjoyed doing the race.  This will definitely be the first of many for her.  We are so proud of you Dora!

Motivated Connor

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    Connor was very motivated today.  He saw Logan demonstrating to us how he tumbles, then Connor wanted us to show him.  We helped him a couple of times and taught him how to tuck his head in, then he kept wanting to practice on his own.  Only a few more times, he was able to tumble quite well.

    This evening when we were taking our walk, Connor asked to get on his push bike and be pushed by me as usual.  At some point, when I suggested him to try peddling, he was more eager today.  He suddenly got the hang of it, and was motivated to keep doing it.  I had to help him with some pushes periodically without him noticing them as he wanted to do it himself.  He was really having a good time, and especially when he was going faster downhill and giggling.

Ten Good Years

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    Ten years ago today, Stuart and I met outside of a Starbucks.  Can’t believe that it has been such a long time and we have done so much together throughout the years.  We are certainly in a different stage in life now and we have definitely aged a lot.


Connor’s Last Day at daycare

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     After the orientation, I took Connor back to the daycare for his last day.  We came prepared with some cupcakes to thank all his teachers for their love and care.  Connor was happy to bring in the boxes with me, but he just wanted to eat them.  I convinced him to wait til snack time with all his classmates.

    After school, I went to pick Connor a bit later than usual, so his class teachers had left for the day.  We gathered all his belonging, and said goodbye to the principal who came over to give Connor a hug.  We took a final picture there and said bye to the school that Connor had spent the past year.



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    We all went to the orientation at school this morning.  We first checked out Connor’s 3 year old program.  Both of his full-day teachers along with the morning teachers were all there to welcome us.  Connor was shy and hung on to me or Stuart.  Most of the teachers know Logan and said hello to him, but Logan was being quiet toward them too.  The teachers tried to show Connor the new environment; Connor did play with the toys for a little bit.  We said goodbye to those teachers and walked to Logan’s kindergarten classroom.  We finally met up with his new teacher and learned Logan’s new routine.  Looking through the class list, we were happy to find out that a few of Logan’s buddies are going to be in his class too.  At the end, we stopped by the cafeteria to drop off the boy’s raffle tickets for some prizes. 

      Stuart and I are very excited for school to start next week as we, especially Stuart, have been very busy dealing with work and with Logan who has been off school for 3 weeks.  We think Logan is ready to hang out with buddies again.  After this morning, Connor is also excited and is ready to go to his new school now.


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