Happy Chinese New Year !

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Bonnie has another Birthday

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image      Seemed like Bonnie just had a birthday like a year ago…but another one arrived on Friday.   Bonnie chose Outback as our big night out for dinner, because she really likes a good steak and we just don’t BBQ as much as we used to.    Some of Bonnie’s friends were able to come along and celebrate with us:  The Changs (sans Copter), The Tsaos, and the Kaos.
     I think everyone enjoyed their food, especially Mckalya who just powered down anything that was put in front of her.  Actually all the kids did great.  Brandon sat happily in his seat during the whole meal eating and coloring in his book,  Mckayla sat in her high chair eating, Peyton slept through the whole 2 hours, and Logan stayed in his new booster seat…mostly.   He stretched his legs a few times by letting me hold him…and he even ate his mush at the table. His first big social eating event.
     Bonnie had a full-tummy at the end of the meal..which doesn’t happen often.  I think it was the Birthday cake that filled in the gaps.  Thanks to everyone who wished her Happy Birthday, as she heads into her middle-aged years.

Logan Update:
He’s been  over his cold for a while, and the remaining cough is at last starting to fade but is still a bit raspy.

Post Holiday Update

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From the Desk of Bonnie:

    We had a busy holiday season (hence, Stuart has not been blogging).  Dora was visiting us for part of our vacation and  Logan was very excited about his first Christmas.  He had received many nice presents from friends and families.  He had so much fun reaching out for the presents, ripping off the wrappers and putting whatever he could in his mouth.   After Christmas Stuart got sick for over a week and Logan made it a bit tougher for his dad by starting a new routine of waking up multiple times during the night. 
    On Christmas day, Logan had his first taste of solid food….well maybe “mush” is a better word.  While I was busy trying to cook bland foods for Stuart, I was also attempting to make solid foods for Logan.  Logan really enjoys eating his solids, and we love watching him eat it.  His favorite foods so far are sweet potatoes and peas.

     After the sicky holidays, we were relieved to return to regular work week to take a break. However, to start this weekend, Logan has decided that it is his turn to be sick.  He came down with a cold and a mild croup.  He is having a fever, coarse sounding breathing, and barky coughs.  Poor Logan, he can’t sleep without us holding him.  Hope he will feel better soon.

Logan’s Stats

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BBA_003During his Doctor’s visit on 12/23, Logan’s official measurements were made and compared against the US population and the results were:

Height: 98%

Head:  98%

Weight: 73%

We have now started Logan on solids so we expect to see that weight number grow….and we started binding his head with masking tape…so we expect the head-size percentile to drop over time.    Also, to celebrate the above numbers, Logan received four big needle shots (two in each leg)…he didn’t like those and neither did his dad.  He’s suppose to have a follow up shot in a couple of weeks..not sure if I’ll let him go.

PS.  I just found this site…so now I’ll just measure him everyday:


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