Logan’s Birthday last week

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    Logan was quite excited for this birthday; he was talking about this date starting few weeks before it happened and counted down to it.  The only thing he asked for was to play lots of video games.  He got what he wished for plus some presents from us and some gift money from families too.  Connor knew that Logan wanted to buy a rank in his Minecraft game and he was so happy to give Logan a cash present to help him get what he wanted.

     In the afternoon we also went to swim at the pool.  Logan had the dinner that he wanted and we ended the day with our favorite ice cream cake.  The boys were also going to have a sleepover in the game room; even though the party ended and they actually went back to the own rooms to sleep, they had some fun together.


Back to Swimming

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    In mid June, the cabana has opened up with restriction.  So we could start making reservation to go swimming.  It is nice to have this opportunity to spend some time in the pool on hot days.


Front Yard lightings

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    We have been wanting to add some lighting to the left side of the front yard for a long time.  Finally after some planning, purchases of wires, lights and clips, Stuart and I could place the lights and they look great.  We still have to finish up by burying the wire and geting some new plants for the walkway.


Pokemon Go

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    Logan remembered about this mobile game a couple of weeks ago, and since then, both Logan and Connor are loving to take walks as we often let them play.  Sometimes they want to walk longer and farther away.


Half day Golf Camp

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     I have signed the boys up to a half day golf camp many months ago.  Since the golf course was opened, we proceeded as planned with the restriction in mind.  The boys attended Tue thru Fri 8:30am to 12:30pm.  The weather was quite warm last week; the boys had to carry their own golf seta and walked the short course, thus they were tired.  But they seemed to enjoy it and learned some stuffs.  Every day by end of the 1/2 day, they were given how many “inbound” and “outbound” they received indicating how well their swings had been, and both boys received good scores. image


   On Friday, I went with Stuart to pick them up.  I eavesdropped and heard that both of the boys had good hits on this last day throughout the 9 holes.  In addition, Logan got the “Most Improved” among the 10 boys and received some golf balls as a prize.  The kids all came out from the tent feeling great completing this first week of camp.  We have yet have them show us their new swings yet.  I am hoping that we can go out and play with them regularly during this summer.


Last day of School 6/4/2020

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     How time flies; with 2.5 months of distance learning, the school year had now wrapped up.  This distance learning the boys received seemed to have been a bunch of busy work, but honestly I don’t think it was too effective for them especially with Logan.  They just spent quite a bit of time in front of their computers daily trying to get the assignments completed.  With this date came, I was sad that another year has gone by, but I am also somewhat relieved. 


     Logan finished all of school work by Wednesday and he just had to make the last art project, an inspiration art.  He designed and put together this poster on his own with my assistance in getting the materials and some cutting.  He was basically free on the last day of school. 


     Connor completed his last work by making a slide of his favorite memories for 4th grade.  Then on the last day of school, Connor had the final Zoom meeting with his teacher and classmates, and everyone had shared their favorite memories.  Connor was sad that this school year was over, but at the same time he was happy the summer has now begun.

   Now we have a 7th grader and a 5th grader, but facing lots of unknown for the upcoming year.

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