School Updates

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     One of the teachers told me yesterday that Logan has been changing a lot; he has become more social and outgoing.  image She said the other day when Logan saw a toddler bullying another toddler, he went to the boy and said “stop” and “you stop”.  He also patted the boy’s shoulder to tell him “gentle”.  I was very surprised to hear the story since I had not heard those words from him before (However, we do use that term quite a bit on him).  Of course I was very happy to hear what a good boy he was.  Just hope the story wasn’t exaggerated for parental pleasure.image

     Kathy (Kira’s mom) told me recently that Logan brought a toy to show her while she was picking Kira up.  Another time, when I was peeking in through the window, I saw Logan walked up to another mother and grinned at her until she turned to say hello to him, then he proudly walked away.  It was a funny moment.  Maybe Logan is finally growing out of his shyness toward other people. 

Our Trip to Orlando

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     With my cold, Logan’s pink eye, and the poor weather outlook at the connecting flight, we still decided to continue with our trip to Orlando.  Our journeys goal was to see Yvonne’s family and my dad who was also visiting imagethere.  The flight out to Orlando was thankfully unremarkable and Logan did well with our prepared entertainment for him (videos, coloring book, more videos).  Once we arrived at the Liangs house, Logan was at first shy with Grandpa, Auntie and Uncle (as he usually is with anyone).  He had fun walking around inside the big house and checking out the toys.  Logan finally got to meet his cousins, Katie and Kevin, for the first time the next morning.  He had a blast chasing them around and watching what they were doing.  He loved playing with Katie as she was very calm and gentle with Logan.  With Keimagevin, Logan was quite reserved since three-year olds are apparently more assertive with their toys.  

      For the next few days, we hung out mostly at their house and huge yard, went to a Chinese New Year show, had a nice New Year dinner at a restaurant and celebrated Kevin’s Big 3 Birthday.  It was nice hanging out and catching up with everyone.  Logan did well sharing a room with us at night as this was the first time that he had slept in our bed overnight.  We think he enjoyed this arrangement and slept quite contently between the two of us.  The only difficult part of this trip was our sicknesses.  I was congimageested and coughing horribly the entire trip, Logan was coughing at times, and Katie and Kevin had their shares of mild colds as well.

     The return flight seemed very long.  Logan refused to sleep on both flights (total flight time was 7 hours); however, he still did ok without much crying at all.  It was just tiring for us to keep him entertained.  We were very happy when we finally landed at San Jose; and as soon as we got in the parking shuttle Logan decided it was now ok to sleep.  Returning home was very sweet, especially when seeing/hearing how happy Scottie was to see us.

Catching Up

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     We have been so busy that we have neglected our blog.  Let’s try to catch up with Logan’s recent updates.  In mid-January, Logan’s asthma acted up badly.  Fortunately, we had learned how to take care of that by starting all his treatment right away.  Shortly after that, he developed a fever and more coughing.  His X-ray showed pneumonia and the swab was positive for RSV as well.  He ended up staying home from school for 3 days; daddy stayed with him most of those days.  Logan was brave and hung in there quite well.  After a week, he slowly recovered from all his illnesses, except a lingering cough that’s still here today.   image

     A week ago, Logan had another milestone.  He is now completely off the baby bottle.  He is a big boy now!  We had switched his morning and bedtime milk into a straw cup.  He did not want it initially, but after a little convincing, Logan adapted to the change.  We were so proud of him. 

     Logan has become more verbal now too.  He has learned more new words that have been very helpful to us.  He now can say “more”, “all done”, “open”, “up”, “down”, “milk”, “eat-eat”, “book”, “sit-sit”, “wa-wa”(water), “go-go”(goldfish) and “night-night”.  He uses “all done” often and appropriately, and the way he says it at times really made us laugh.  I guess soon enough Logan will be talking non-stop.

     Now, I still have all the Dec/Jan photos and videos to sort through before posting in our blog.  We are really behind.

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