School Family Picnic

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     We had a school picnic to attend on Sunday at a winery in Watsonville.  Since we were driving down, we made a detour to the outlets to do some shopping first.  We all got a little something there; Stuart and I bought some clothes and the boys got some trading cards.  Then we headed over to the winery; it was a beautiful place with a huge grassy field.  The problem was that it was 99 degrees and it felt very hot.  The boys were hoping to play two-square ball, and it turned out that there was a small patch of hard surface in the middle of the grassy field.  The boys hurried over to join the coach and other kids to start playing.  Stuart and I, along with other families all tried to set up sitting areas in the shade if possible.  It was a potluck; once the food were available, we got some food for us.  It took some time before the boys were willing to take a break from the heat to sit down with us to eat.  They quickly returned to the game after they finished eating.  Stuart and I did some wine tasting and enjoyed a glass of wine while we walked around the winery.  After a couple of hours being there, in the shade whenever we could, Stuart and I had enough of the heat and started to pack up.  By then the boys finally came to us, and said that they were hot and wanted to go home.


Update to Our Living Room

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    We have been wanting to add something to our bare wall in the living room, and I decided to try a different color away from my usual choice.  I think I like how it turns out so far.


Saturday Gathering

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      We had missed a couple of the gatherings but we were able to make the one on Saturday at the Gopals.  The boys were looking forward to seeing Rohan and were counting down to 3pm.  They were not only the ones who was looking forward to this; as soon as we arrived at their house, Rohan ran out to the driveway to welcome us.  For the rest of the afternoon, while the adults just hung out on their newly renovated deck with new furniture, the 3 boys played quietly inside the house.  Later, Rohan, Logan and Connor did finally show their faces in the backyard and joined Bar, Raz and Ashley in the jumpy house.  The weather was so nice that it was still quite comfortable in the backyard until the evening.  by 8pm, it was time to go home even though the boys were not ready to part from each other yet.


Family Wellness Festival

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 image   Last Sunday was the Kaiser Family Wellness Festival, and this year location was at the Happy Hollow.  It had been probably a couple of years since we last visited that park, so we definitely did not mind going.  We met up with Kathy’s family at the entrance to get in together.  The first thing we decided to do was the flu shot to get it out of the way.  Once the boys found out, they wanted to leave, but we tried to convince them and keep them in line.  I was the first one to receive the shot.  Logan reluctantly became the second one and was in a huff afterward.  Connor sat on me to be the next one; as soon as the shot was in, Connor started sobbing.  It took both kids awhile before they let the sadness pass.  We took a picture at the photo booth, then the boys voted to watch the puppet show.  The Three Little Pigs was actually quite entertaining.  Next the boys played awhile at their favorite spot, the playground, before we picked up some lunch.  We ended up sitting with one of my coworker and family, and chatted a bit.  The boys then enjoyed a popsicle while we took a walk around the little zoo.  Connor and I also watched the hula hooping show for a bit and the boys played at the Crooked House afterward too.  Overall, we ended up spending a few hours at the park and it was fun.  It was interesting that the boys still had the same few favorite things as a couple of years ago, and they were still not interested to ride any of the bigger kids rides.



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    Tennis has been the family favorite lately and we vote to play tennis usually once a week.  The interesting change has been that the boys do not seem to want to take a break.  In the past they looked forward to sitting down to have a snack and play with each other in the shade.  Lately we have to convince them, especially Connor, to take a break in order for Stuart and I play on our own for a bit.  Logan prefers playing one on one against Stuart or I, and he does better when he has to fend the entire court.  Connor just seems to have endless energy; he dashes to get to the balls and has better timing with the hits now.


Afternoon with the girls (late post)

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     We had planned to celebrate Robyn’s birthday last Sunday by trying an “escape room”, so I left the boys and grandparents to meet up with Robyn, Theresa, Michelle and Thuy at the locaton.  We were locked in a room after being given some instruction, then the search and puzzle solving began.  We broke open a few locks and were able to advance to a hallway and later into another room.  We were stuck on one lock for a long time, and out of the blue, Theresa and Robyn solved it and had it opened.  We were able to make the home stretch, and successfully escaped in 47 minutes (within the one hour time limit).  We were happy and pleased that we worked together well as a team.

    Next, we (minus Thuy) went to check out a popular Korean BBQ place.  Our appetite was built up after some wait, and we all dived in for a great meaty meal.  It was a yummy dinner and we had a great time catching up.  When I returned home, the boys were just about ready to have their reading time with Grandma.  I made it home just in time to say goodnight to everyone.

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