Preschool Two

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     After the summer break (4 day weekend), Logan was transitioned to Preschool 2 yesterday.  We loved the Toddler’s room, but it was time to move on to the bigger boy classroom.  Logan will learn to be more independent this year (teacher to students ratio changed from 1:4 to 2:15), he will no longer use sippy cup, and will be potty trained when he is ready later on.  This classroom has many more fun things in it, bigger climbing structure, a fish tank, lots of books and a play kitchen.  The kids can also run around in the main courtyard during outdoor times. 

     At the end of the day, Stuart was told by the teacher that Logan did well, and seemed more tired partly due to more running around.  I was asking Logan at dinner to tell me about his new class, and he was so excited to say “train”, “aboard”, "high”.  He must have fun playing with the train structure in the courtyard.

One Month Old Connor

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     Connor turned one month old yesterday.  This month went by fast, and Connor has been quite easy going thus far (knock on wood).  He wants to eat every 3 hours during the day, then he likes to mostly nap or be held for a little bit.  He can get a bit more upset in the early evenings but the easy solution to this is with constant holding.  Over night, Connimageor has been relatively good (at least in comparison to Logan was); he usually wakes up after 2am, then again sometimes from 5am to 7am.  However he returns right back to sleep after feeding, so it has not been difficult for me.  

     My parents are here visiting us.  They are cooking so much foods every day, and they enjoy holding Connor and playing with Logan.  Since I have been too lazy to teach Logan Chinese, communication with the grandparents have been challenging; I usually have to be present to translate.  Logan has been on his best behavior these days, not throwing any tantrums, and thus, receives multiple compliments from the grandparents.   They will be here for 3 more days before returning home.

Three Days of Diarrhea

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     The past three days were tough for us; they also set the record for the worst diarrhea Logan ever had and the most diapers we have changed.  It all started with an explosive diarrhea that Logan had as he woke up on Saturday morning; it leaked through his diaper onto his pajama and onto his bed.  Since then, it happened every one to three hours the entire day and night.  Fortunately, Logan did not have any fever or vomiting, just a bit lethargic from all those outputs.  It was sad to see the expression on Logan’s face when he had another one of those bouts of diarrhea.  He normally hates changing diapers, but on the first day, he would actually tell us to “change” and would indicate “hurt” when he was being wiped.  His appetite was poor and we just encouraged the BRAT diet.  He did not like Pedialyte, so we could only keep offering water to him.  Logan was still his playful self, however, not knowing exactly the cause of his conditions, we had to cancel his playdate with our neighbor’s kid.  Logan was so disappointed when he was told we could not walk across the street to play; every now and then he would still peek over there to see what his friend was doing.

     The second day diarrhea continued, it was less frequent but it happened more in clusters instead, he would have 3-4 bouts in 30 minutes then none for a few hours.  By the third day, Monday, the diarrhea was still happening, but finally much less.  We decided to keep Logan at home instead.  Stuart had to work on that day; fortunately, he was able to find a bit of time here and there to play with Logan periodically throughout the day.

     We were so relieved that Logan could finally return to daycare today.  We still had not heard of any recent illness from school or from any of our visitors.  We are just thankful that the madness is over and the diaper genie can go back to it’s normal usage.

PS.  We have decided to include no picture with this post.


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Connor has been here with us for over 10 days now, and Logan has seemed to accept that his brother is here to stay.  For the first two days after we returned home, Logan would give an upset expression every time when he saw me holding Connor and would ask me to put Connor down to pick him up.  Stuart and I would distract him with a toy or something else, then he would be fine again.  We have been trying to keep our daily routine at home the same, and Stuart plays with Logan as much as usual.  I too try to spend some quality times, i.e. bath time or reading time, with him as well.  Logan is definitely not ready to show any affections to his brother yet; he will not say he loves him and will not kiss him, but he will say hello to him when we ask.  Logan is treating Connor like Scottie right now in that he just sort of ignores their existence.  Stuart and I are happy with how Logan is behaving, as long as he is not throwing tantrums or being mean to his brother.

By the way, don’t you think they look alike?

image  image

Connor’s First Week

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     Yesterday was Connor’s One Week Birthday.  It was a relatively good week.  We were discharged from the hospital on Monday which worked out well; Logan could continue his usual routine (going to Daycare) while Stuart and I adjusted to having a new baby.  Connor seemed to be an easy going baby and maybe we are a bit more experienced now, as taking care of Connor during the day was all going well.  In the evening, we tried to keep our usual routine with Logan, i.e. playing in the yard when he returned home from school, and still all having dinner together.   The hope would be that Logan was at ease while learning to accept his new brother.

     On day 4 of Connor’s life (Wednesday), we took Connor to the Newborn Club for his check up.  His weight dropped to 6lbs 7.8oz.  His skin tone was quite yellow and so we were sent to the laboratory for bilirubin blood draw.  We were told in the hospital that there is a family link for jaundice; since Logan had a relatively high level (at 16), the chance for Connor to also have it was high.  It did turn out that Connor’s level was in the upper level (at 18), so the nurse ordimageered the phototherapy blanket to be delivered to our house in the evening.  He needed to be on the blanket the entire time, except for diaper changes, and we needed to supplement him with 1oz of formula after each breastfeeding to provide more fluids.  The blanket was very cumbersome with its long hose and electric cord.  It was difficult to swaddle Connor well while having the blanket on his back and we were confined in one area unless we moved the cord. 

     After following all the feeding advice, Connor gained 2.7oz at the next day check up (day 5).  However, the bilirubin level remained high (still at 18), therefore, we were told to continue the blanket and the same feeding schedule for another 3 days.  We were very disappointed with the news, but of course, we were thankful that we could do the treatment at home rather than at the hospital.

     Connor continued to eat well and sleep fine the next few days.  Yesterimageday, day 8, the good news arrived.  Connor was almost back to his birth weight (7lb 0.5oz) and his bilirubin level was now down to 12 which meant that he could go off the bili-blanket and stop the formula supplements.  He also showed efficient drinking by gaining 2.2oz after breastfeeding at the Newborn Club.  We were so ecstatic with great improvement, especially now we are free of the blanket and all the bottle of supplements.  It was such a great day yesterday and so we went for a family walk for the first time in the neighborhood to celebrate.

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